fall-pathBe part of the 50th Reunion

Connect with friends from your dorm

Greetings from your Wellesley Fund Representative Anne (Demmie) Nelson Apgar!

As we approach our momentous 50th Reunion in only a few years, it’s our time to celebrate the close connections and remarkable experiences that women who came before us made possible. And our turn to keep Wellesley strong for tomorrow’s women. Every gift of any amount is meaningful and counts toward our Reunion total and participation rate.

And a special welcome to our Wellesley Fund Assistant Reps, who are assisting with dorm-oriented fundraising:

Kathy Pearce (Beebe)

Jane MacDonald (Cazenove)

Geneva Overholser (Freeman)

Susan McChesney Dupont (Pomeroy)

Barbara Baumberger Crane (Severance)

I’m so very grateful that they said “Yes” and hope you may, too!

We’re seeking at least one Assistant Rep for each dorm, two for larger dorms. The role is gratifying and fun. You contact approximately 20 women you know well, encourage them to make their annual gifts to Wellesley, and, most importantly, thank them. We offer personal training on Wellesley’s easy-to-use Volunteer Portal. If you might be willing to commit a modest couple of hours monthly, please contact me at anapgar@comcast.net or 443-255-1482.