susanduport-iconUpdate from Susan McChesney Dupont

Rekindling the joy of ancient art

I've pretty much retired from public singing, allowing myself to gravitate creatively back towards my art history background by painting icons in the Byzantine tradition. like the one shown.  Starting with a workshop I organized 13 years ago, I have created one or more every year until I felt confident in the process to start on my own.  It's hard to carve out time so I still do workshops (just back from one in Mexico) but do have an independent one in the works. It's become addictive!   Otherwise, I continue volunteer work, serving on the board of a local orchestra as PR chair, organizing arts events at the Episcopal Cathedral here in Nashville and trying to remain politically engaged in the fertile ground for change that a red state is.  My husband is never retiring (so it seems!) but we do manage to carve out a summer in Canada where he grew up.  Life is still good if a little slower and creakier to maneuver.