News from Vance Rutherford Smith

Happy alignment of opportunity for a life transition

We are lucky here, Al and I.  We’ve determined we won’t be able to age in place.  Our 70 acres requires too much maintenance, and our renovated 1800 farmhouse still isn’t friendly to older bodies.  We knew we’d have to move.

But the planets aligned.  Our local hospital, Gifford Medical Center, has just built an Independent Living Facility as part of its Morgan Orchards Retirement Community just 6 miles from us, so now we can stay in our community.  The problem?  We’re just not quite ready to move, nor is our 7-y.o. German Shepherd Dog Frannie, who’s good at knocking old folks down.

The luck part?  We purchased our apartment and made a deal in part to rent it back as a model unit until we are ready to move.  The best part?  We’ve been volunteering a lot, so much that we’re semi-residents.  I’m using my architectural background to help the residents create a master plan for the grounds and gardens – remember this place has only been open since August 2017 – and Al uses his talent and our equipment to push dirt around, and big rocks, translating our plans into gardens and walking trails, yea even unto planting the eponymous apple orchard this spring.

We’re so lucky to have a part in shaping the look of our future home, just 6 miles down the road.